Callie Parker

First post: Jun 15, 2019 Latest post: Aug 8, 2019
Callie was admitted to the ICU at Greenville Memorial on Wednesday June 12th after showing signs of fatigue, confusion, and combativeness. She has since been diagnosed with mononucleosis, viral meningitis, and encephalitis. Since early Tuesday morning, due to brain swelling, Callie has been unresponsive to most stimuli, with the exception of reflex and pain tests. She occasionally opens her eyes, but her eyes don't appear to track what she sees. She has been fighting a low-grade fever that ranges from 99--101.5 degrees. After conducting extensive blood tests, doctors have come to the conclusion that the probable virus causing the infection is the Epstein-Barr virus. They are hopeful that her situation will improve throughout the coming week. Please pray with us that Callie's situation will keep improving, trusting that our God, who is good even in hard times like this, will continue to faithfully care for His children.