Cale Kubisiak

First post: Oct 21, 2019 Latest post: Nov 11, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting but most of all, thanks for your prayers. 
Cale went in to the walk in clinic on Madison on Sunday October 21, 2019 with a cold and rough cough. It has been mid-terms at UW-Madison so we all figured he was just run down . Ironically, Joe was in Verona for two of Dane's hockey games so offered to go with Cale as he learned to "adult" at the walk in on his own.  After waiting for quite some time for Cale to come back out by Joe  (who was in the waiting room), they called Joe back to the room Cale was in and told us they saw a mass by Cales lungs in the xray they ran and would be running some blood work and working with UW Health to get him admitted.  Because Cale was dehydrated, they had to use an ultrasound to find his vein and eventually successfully drew some blood and gave Cale lots of water to drink.
  He was released from Meriter with instructions to go to UW Heath for admittance to the ER for further testing. After the cat scan and much consulting between the many doctors and departments, they admitted him to the hematology ward due to the mass they found. It is approx. 5 inches in size. Today is now Monday 10/22 and they are running a echocardiogram of his heart  as his heart rate is slightly elevated, probably because the mass is pushing on his lungs and heart. It seems to be that the mass is in the cavity of his chest and not attached to his lungs but we'll know more soon.  Today they are also going to do a biopsy of the mass and at that point we'll know what we are dealing with. Thank you all so much for reaching out and contacting us. Going forward we'll keep updates here as it will be easier that responding to each of you separately but don't stop sending text full of love and support - we are reading all of them.  Joe, Cale and I appreciate your prayers and please, please keep them coming. We are taking it one minute at a time.  We will be strong for our sweet Cale! Feel free to reach out to my sister Lori Schmidt as well as she will help keep everyone posted (

After his first 6 cycles of ABVD chemo for his Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Cale has had a re-occurence with new spots showing on a PET scan only 6 weeks after finishing chemo.  He went through 3 more rounds of chemo which included 2 chemo meds (BvB)  followed by a stem cell transplant in August 2020.  Cale is now working on 4 weeks of 5 days a week radiation and maintenance chemo to follow ..  Prayers appreciated.

Your prayers worked! January 2021 we were given these two wonderful words: "Complete Remission".  Cale will still need to continue with maintenance chemotherapy every three weeks for a year. The doctor said though that 70% of patients don't make it a full year due to having to stop because the neuropathy is getting to the point of being irreversible.