Lori Wiltse Caleb’s Heart

Hello friends and family.  This website is just another place we can keep people updated with what is going on with Caleb and to share our story.  We have so much support, love, and prayers behind us and we just want people to know what it means to us. 

The Monday before Thanksgiving me and Shaun went in for our anatomy scan to find out the sex of our baby, and we got a lot more than we bargained for.  We found out our child’s heart was underdeveloped and that his condition would require 3 surgeries, the first being within the first week of birth.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop crying that day and have had very few tearless days since.  We are meant to protect our children and the hardest part is knowing that I am completely powerless to do that.  So this is our journey of having a child with a congenital heart disease; the medical updates, the emotional roller coaster, and the everyday fight of trying to save our baby.