Caleb Decker

First post: Aug 22, 2020 Latest post: Jun 21, 2022
Caleb woke up with a headache in the early morning hours of August 18th, 2020. What seemed like a migraine did not subside over the course of the day or with any home treatments (both natural and OTC). We decided to take him in that evening out of an abundance of caution. Even the attending doctor at the Mott Children's ER through it was likely a migraine, but wanted to do a CT scan just to make sure.

He came back and shared information that rocked Caleb's world, and that of our entire family. At first, the indicated he had a brain bleed. Shortly after that it was a discussion of him have a tumor in the back of his head. This started a long week of tests, frequent neurological checks, and ultimately a surgery to remove that mass. 

This space is for those who continue to pray for Caleb, and want to get updates for how he is doing and the next steps as they are determined.