Brynn Moore

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February 2019

Brynn, 10 years old, has a tremendous love for sports, specifically soccer. It was just another weekend for us, hustling around from game to game. During one of the games, one of the girls from the opposing team stepped firmly on the top of her foot, which forced her to take a small break from soccer to heal.

She was out of soccer for about a month, allowing the tendons and soft tissue to heal. As soon as she was able, she was back at it. However, the Lord had other plans. During practice, she injured the same foot, again. Back to rest and healing she went.

After more time of rest and recovery, for the third time, we went back to soccer practice and the Lord worked his magic again. She was injured one more time, same foot. Three times in a row on the same foot. This was not a coincidence. We were getting our neon sign as brightly as He could shine it.

Brynn worked through a few doctors to try and get this foot figured out. As you can imagine, she is a healthy, sporty, spunky, active 10 year old. We did not have time to be messing around with this foot. Very thankfully, her soccer coach knew this of her and knew how frustrating injuries can be. He recommended an amazing Orthopedic doctor, who got her fast tracked into the Cook Children’s system. We were finally able to find out a diagnosis.

On June 25th, 2019, four months after this journey began, Brynn underwent her first surgery, a biopsy.

On July 5th, the doctor called and confirmed our greatest fears.

Brynn has Cancer. Ewing’s Sarcoma.

My 10 year old is tough, y’all! She was born with a brave heart and a mind beyond her years. Her old soul and strong will is up against her biggest fight thus far.

She is very fortunate to have each and everyone of you. As a mother, I am very grateful for each of you and the support we receive on a daily basis.

Please know, we are strong in our faith and we have been shown His presence throughout this journey rather often. She has some wonderful guardian angels carrying out His plan and we know He’s ever present.

I have told her, “to be someone great in this life, you must have a great story.” She was given this battle for reasons to be revealed to us at a later date. We appreciate your positive vibes, kind words, prayer, quality time, donations, etc. more than we could ever express.