Bryce Esau

First post: Aug 10, 2018 Latest post: Apr 5, 2019
On Bryce's way home from youth last night he had an accident on his scooter; in front of his grandparents house. They think he hit an animal.  It appears that he slid 50 foot on the pavement.  He was found by another young man about 15 minutes later.  Bryce was having difficulty breathing so the young man cut his helmet strap off.  The medics made it there quickly, as did a friend of Bryce's, who is an EMS . We feel God was in that.   Grandma Judith called Jarred to ask if the accident was any of them.  When they checked on Bryce on Zenly he was racing towards Greenville faster than his scooter goes. Amanda went to the accident to see if it was Bryce.  It was. Amanda and Summer immediately headed for the hospital. Jarred was just headed home from work an hour away, so he headed for Greenville.  Bryce was having seizures on the way to the hospital, but stopped once they reached the hospital.   At the hospital they didn't feel Bryce was coherent enough to handle his airways so they intubate him.  His initial CT scan showed less trauma than they expected,  but the one they did 7 hours later showed more bleeding so they put in draining tube from his brain.  His face is scraped up pretty badly, they stitched up his left eyebrow.  He has 2 broken bones in his face on the left side, around his eye socket. His eye is purple and bulging, looks really tough.  He has a chunk of flesh missing from his left shoulder and bad road rash on several parts of his body and both knees have circular burns from the muffler.  They have him in a medically induced coma because when he comes to he wants to pull out the breathing tube and fights off the nurses.  The coma will also help his brain to rest and heal. He's expected to stay that way for 3 days up to a week.  The neurosurgeon said it is just a waiting game to see how his brain heals.  We want to thank those who came in the night to support us. Grandpa and Grandma Esau, Leon Kanagy, Lori Boehs,  and Roger &  Anne Yost.  We know it took special effort on everyone's part and it did not go unnoticed. We are grateful for all the love and support that has been shown for Bryce.