Bryant Morrow

Bryant was diagnosed in early 2020 with Head and Neck Cancer and received treatment at that time. In September 2020 Bryant had a PET Scan and the doctor's said he was cancer free.  On November 25, 2020 Bryant had an MRI. Still cancer free. In  December 2020 his port was removed. His cancer returned in February 2021 at which time he resumed treatment but his cancer continued to spread . In April 2021 Bryant was diagnosed with brain cancer. Over the next ten days Bryant received Radiation to his brain. More test were run only to find out the cancer had progressed. We seeked further treatment at MD Anderson immediately. He went back to MD Anderson on 6/27/2021 to participate in clinical trial but after arriving , it was found that he did not qualify for the clinical trial due to the extent of the disease. Bryant and his wife, Larye have returned home from MD Anderson  to LIVE and spend time with their children. 

We appreciate all of the love and support from our family and friends. We ask that you continue to pray for our family.