Bryan Sheldon

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Men are stubborn. I am stubborn. I would go into the walk in clinic when I had a sniffle but wouldn't even think of getting my esophagus checked out when I had trouble swallowing food...for years. This year, I finally decided to get it checked out during my annual physical in October. After many tests, I have been diagnosed Stage 4a  Esophageal cancer.  I have an orange size tumor in the bottom portion of my esophagus that is touching the pleura of the left lung. We do not know if the pleura has cancer or not at this time.  The PET CT also shows that two lymph nodes have cancer.

On January 3rd,  I will start Radiation and Chemo therapy. 25 treatments of Radiation and 5 or 6 treatments of Chemo. These two treatments alone can really debilitate  a person-and I am having them at the same time, but yet I am strong. Once I make it through treatment, I will be in the healing phase for about six weeks and will then go through all the testing again to re-stage the cancer. These tests will tell the surgeon on how to proceed with surgery. There is no question that I will have my esophagus removed, but it is a question on whether or not the pleura of my lung has cancer. If it does, the surgery will be a lot more complex. But I am not looking that far out-Radiation and Chemo battle is first.

This news has been devastating on me and my family. Times are tough, but the support we have received so far from all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, far reaching family members, and close friends that we shared the diagnosis with right away has been truly remarkable. Especially the support of my love, Lindsey Bergo. She has been a champion these past few months and is leading my Army to win this battle.

Bryan Sheldon