Bryan Landaas

First post: Apr 28, 2022 Latest post: Jun 22, 2022
On Tuesday, June 22, 2021, Bryan suffered a massive seizure while at work. Upon arrival to WakeMed hospital, it was discovered that Bryan had a large brain mass in his L frontal/temporal lobe. Bryan was transferred to Duke for additional testing in hopes to have a surgical resection of the tumor. After weeks of images, biopsies and testing, Bryan was eventually diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) which is the most aggressive form of brain cancer. Bryan was told that his tumor was inoperable but was advised to complete radiation and chemotherapy in hopes to delay rapid tumor progression. After completing radiation and multiple rounds of chemo including a clinical trial, Bryan’s tumor was continuing to grow. At this point, Duke told Bryan and Mandy that there was nothing else that they could do for them.

Over the next few weeks to months, Bryan began to decline more rapidly. Due to the location of Bryan’s tumor, his biggest deficit is in his speech. While Bryan has the ability to understand and frequently knows the words he wants to say, getting the right words out has been a constant struggle and it makes using his own kids names challenging. Bryan also has generalized weakness, battles significant fatigue, and most recently severe Restless Leg Syndrome. He has been unable to drive since his initial seizure due to risk of seizure and most recently some vision deficits that would make driving unsafe.

After hearing the dreaded “there’s nothing more we can do” from Duke, Mandy decided to throw the widest net she could in order to determine if there was anywhere that would be able to offer something to Bryan. Thankfully, Mandy was put in to touch with the research team at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fast forward to today, and Bryan is starting the process to enroll in a stage 0 clinical trial in Phoenix. The plan is for Bryan to take a trial medication 6 days prior to surgery where they will attempt to resect (remove) as much of the tumor as they can. Once Bryan’s tumor is removed, researchers will then test the removed tissue to discover if the trial drug infiltrated the tumor. If so, the hope would be that the medication would help stop the growth of the tumor and he could stay on this medication unless otherwise indicated. Unfortunately, this clinical trial is not a cure for Bryan’s glioblastoma. The doctors have explained that the best case scenario would be for at least 80% removal of the brain tumor, with the hope that Bryan could have improved quality of life for however long the Lord has planned for him.

Unfortunately, doctor’s do expect that the tumor will eventually return/continue to grow, because that is the cruel nature of this devastating disease. That being said, if Bryan could be given more quality time with his family and friends here on this earth, that would be an invaluable gift and what we are so desperately praying for.

It goes without saying that this clinical trial is very high risk and there are a LOT of factors that Bryan and Mandy have to consider leading up to this surgery, including but not limited to logistics (they would need to be in Phoenix for at least one month), cost/insurance and time away from their three small kids. That being said, at this time we are going to go ahead and start preparing that Bryan and Mandy could be in Phoenix as early as April 27th to prepare for Bryan to have surgery on May 5th. During this time, Linda and Bruce (Mandy’s parents) would be watching Bryan and Mandy’s 3 kids: Huck (4), Elliot (2), and Foster (1).

We will be rallying the troops to provide the following forms of assistance:

1). PRAYER for Bryan’s healing and for all members of the Landaas family

2). MEALS for Bruce, Linda, and the kids

3). RESPITE for Bruce and Linda on the weekends (in the form of play dates) and occasional assistance on week nights

4). DONATIONS via a GOFUNDME or via Venmo to help pay for medical bills/expenses, additional childcare, living expenses for Bryan and Mandy in Phoenix, etc.
Link to the Gofundme:
Venmo: @mandylandaas last 4 digits of cell: 0051

This caringbridge website will be used to help organize a support effort for the Landaas Family via the above mentioned list of action steps and also to keep everyone up to date on Bryan’s status during this ever-changing and tumultuous journey.

Your prayers, encouragement, help with meals, help with childcare and countless other means of assistance have meant more to the Landaas family than they will ever be able to express. The kindness shown to them during this time has reminded them of God’s love and has given them great hope and comfort during the hardest journey of their lives.

With Love,

Bryan and Mandy’s support team