Bryan Erickson

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March 13, 2018
Well I started blogging about Bryan but then I saw his latest selfie. Omg. You were worried about his sense of humor? It’s there ! Also he did take his first “hop” today as he can’t put any weight on that foot and he had his successful surgery tonight. He’s on his way !

March 12, 2018
Bryan is having an extra day of rest before rehab as his wrist Surg was changed until tomorrow. Why? Who knows but that’s okay. He keeps busy since he has his phone and can text.

March 12, 2018
So Bryan is doing really well.  He's been moved to a regular room at the hospital.  His mouth is still wired closed while his jaw heals, but he's doing much, much, better.  On another note.  Bryan did find his cell phone, so I'm sure quick text message or email would be really appreciated. 

March 11, 2018
Hey everyone its me. I had to change my email address, couldn't remember my password on the old one.. this may just be temporary once my phone gets found, but I can receive emails for now at 

March 9, 2018
Please check before you go see Bryan today or even tomorrow as he will be having his wrist fixed. They found a fracture last night as he had been complaining of pain in that left arm. We are not sure what this will entail but he is in pain. 😔

March 8, 2018
I know Bryan would love to get a card from you 
Bryan Erickson
Ocala Medical Center
1431 SW 1st Street
ICU #10
Ocala Fl 34471

March 7, 2018
Today was a good day with physical therapy and up in a chair. His first time out of bed. He is sleepy because of meds. They are slowly reducing those so he can be alert.

March 7, 2018
Bryan is up in a chair this am. Followed instructions on which leg to use. He understands ! Also wrist restraints are gone 😄👏

March 6, 2018
I couldn’t wait to go on tonite to let you know we have a new word. It is AMAZER! It is something Bryan pulls off when we are low and having doubts. Last Tues afternoon he opened his eyes and responded by nodding to questions.That was an AMAZER! Today he asked( by using his hand) for a pen. He used his right hand and was able to write that he was tired. He wanted to sit up too. When he saw Gordon’s phone he tried to text using his thumb. These are the AMAZERS for today . I can’t begin to tell you how thankful we are but at the same time we are mindful of other families in this ICU that didn’t get good news today . We ask you to lift these unnamed families up in prayers .
This being said our amazing son,dad friend, grandson,and nephew has a long way to go and needs your continued support through thoughts and prayers. We see this working!

March 3, 2018
I am sharing the latest update on Bryan's recovery per his grandmother's (Chris Sylvester) Facebook post today.  I know everyone is anxious for Bryan to get better and concerned for his wellbeing.  Please remember he suffered a traumatic accident and his body, mind and spirit require a lot of rest and time to heal.  Continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to Bryan and his loved ones during this difficult time. "Bryan had a bronchoscopy yesterday evening to remove some mucus in his lungs. He is feeling much better and his fever is gone (I didn’t know he had one).  They have encouraged Gwen and Cara to have less interaction with him as it does raise his blood pressure. You can imagine knowing Bryan, how frustrating it is for him wanting to talk He would have plenty to say.  This being said, Gwen is asking for no visitors this weekend so he can rest. His Dr is very satisfied with him. The no visitor is ONLY so he can rest. Still pray for his recovery."

March 1, 2018 - Thursday:  Okay! Hot Damn, do I have news?!  Keeping in mind we all need to take this bit of news with cautious optimum because Bryan still has a long recovery road ahead.. However, He is awake and alert.  I don't mean, "Hey look his leg is moving, do you think he can hear us..?"  I mean, I personally was able to communicate with Bryan this evening over a variety of topics.   His jaw is still wired shut so our conversation was basically multiple choice by head nod - but man what a relief.  My wildest expectations were blown.  

Just to reiterate his condition, because there has been some confusion by some parties:  1. Bryan is breathing on his own  2. Bryan is regulating his own blood pressure  3.  Bryan has had at least two surgery to correct broken bones in his face and his ankle.  4. There are plans to remove his feeding tube tomorrow  5. There are plans to begin the process of sitting Bryan on the edge of his bed to prepare him for walking.  5. The nursing staff is amazed at Bryan's level of recovery in just one week.  This is not typical in this sort of accident.  

So what now - do we all rush down to the hospital to go see Bryan?  Probably not.  Please keep in mind he's still in Intensive care and his body and brain are in need of time and healing.  Our goal should be to support Bryan with calm and to do whatever it takes to move him into a recovery unit.  I can tell you this, his room needs some spice.  No living plants!  cards, balloons, pictures of him and well wishes could never go wrong.  Let's keep things light-hearted and positive. 

Chris Sylvester (
March 1, 2018  11:02 AM - Reports from Bryan’s Mom, Gwen and Aunt Cara are thst he looks even better today(1 week post accident) and opens his eyes when you say his name He gave his nurse the thumbs up when told to. These are all good signs 😄 we know of no tests or surgeries today. Just a day to rest .cara just text me. “He knows we are here. He is looking right at us”

February 28, 2018 - Wednesday:  There probably won't be a lot of news today.  After the jaw surgery, and the addition of a Trachline, sedation will be the most comfortable Bryan for a while.  We did get a little more news about Bryan following instructions yesterday.  Gwen reported that the  Neurologist came in to clear Bryan for surgery, and he wanted Bryan to follow all of his commands.  The Neurologist told Gwen and Bryan's Uncle that he expected Bryan to hate him at the end of his tests because he was going to be yelling at Bryan like a drill instructor.  Gwen just chuckled because she knew Bryan being from the military, he actually liked being yelled at.  The tests started and, sure enough, Bryan was able to follow all of the Neurologist orders at a "snap to" pace.  It's was a good enough sign for the Neurologist to clear Bryan for surgery. 

I was hoping we could start a thread of idioms or expressions that Bryan is known for saying.  Jot them down in the thoughts and wishes below or send them to me in email:  Let's keep them PG-13..  LOL!

February 27, 2018 - Tuesday(Evening): Bryan is out of surgery. Gwen reports the doctors have done a great job, but healing does require his jaw to be wired shut for some time.  With no access to his mouth for a feeding tube they are installing a trachline at his neck.  On a brighter note; Gordon reported that before the surgery they were asking Bryan to open his eyes for the old pupil flashlight tests and Bryan was responding to those commands like a champ.
February 27, 2018 - Tuesday:  Bryan's facial surgery is scheduled for 1:00 pm today - looking from some thoughts and prayers going toward Ocala around that time.  Due to swelling, Bryan's ankle surgery has been put off another day - which I know if frustrating to Gwen.  Please keep Gwen in your thoughts as she has to make these decisions on a daily basis.

February 26, 2018 - Monday:  Gwen (Bryan's Mom) reported today that the plan was to lower Bryan's sedation to check in with him once again since this weekend.  As soon as the sedation was lowered Bryan began raising and lowering his right arm.  Let's take that as a positive sign.!

February 25, 2018 - Sunday:  Sedation was lowered today to keep working with Bryan to ask questions and get responses.  Bryan had a reaction that caused his arms to shake - perhaps due to pain, brain pathways rebuilding, or who really who knows right now. The decision was made to put him back under to allow the body to do it's job and heal. 

February 24, 2018 - Saturday:  Bryan has been able to breathe on his own with a ventilator as backup, and was able to follow command to give thumbs up and thumbs down in relation to questions.  Obviously a great sign!  We know more about his injuries.  It does appear that his back is broken, but he is able to move his feet so early signs point to no paralysis.  Bryan's is going to need several surgeries.  One to set his broken ankle and another to begin the process of bracing broken bones in his face.

February 22, 2018 - Thursday morning Bryan was involved in a vehicle accident while riding his motorcycle to a remote office in Ocala, FL.   By relayed accounts, a truck pulled out in front of Bryan.  Witnesses at the site told police what they saw which resulted in the driver of the truck being cited for the accident. 

Bryan's injuries are significant.  Even though he was wearing a helmet, Bryan is facing a great deal of recovery.