Bruce Tofteland

Bruce was helping a gentleman who was preparing for a yard or estate sale in St Paul on the Friday of Twin Cities Open ...... which was Friday the 13th. 
All I know is Bruce was crossing the street, and he was hit by a motorcycle of some sort. 
So he was banged up, his hip was broken, and he somehow hit his head. The next thing I know is he was put in ICU at Regions hospital. 
Emergency surgery was performed to relieve bleeding by his brain. He was put in an induced coma to let his head heal until Thursday the 19th. 
I never knew anything about this until Wednesday the 18th. Cinema staff got worried when Bruce missed dance lessons without calling. Michelle asked me to try and find his farm near his hometown (Bruce and I have talked a lot about farming), thinking that maybe he had an accident down there. My cousin who grew up in the same hometown as Bruce used her connections to locate a former classmate of Bruce’s and, after three days of searching, we found out Bruce was in ICU at Regions hospital in St Paul. 
I got in touch with Bruce’s sister, and she has kept me updated. I try not to be a pest, but I think we all who know Bruce found out how much we care about him when we learned the news of his very serious accident. 
The doctors performed surgery last Sunday to repair his broken hip. I heard word that his breathing tube was taken out yesterday (7/25). 
I’m sure we will all learn more, and hear more too. -- Mark Querna