Bruce Pugh

First post: Nov 23, 2018 Latest post: Mar 3, 2019
As I sit here typing my story let me tell you that I am truly a blessed man. I have been through quite a few storms in my life and know that God has seen me through each one of them and I know He will stay the course with me through this one, Amen. Back in October I was diagnosed with throat and neck cancer. This will be the last time I use the 'C' word because I don't like the way it sounds, the way it looks, nor the way it is spelled. I call it the crud and that's what it is! Since this diagnosis I have had a lymph node removed from my neck and a week ago my tonsils removed....yes I still had my original equipment! This type of crud is treatable and in approximately two weeks I will begin a rigorous schedule of radiation and chemo treatments in tandem five days a week for about two months. 

You all know that when they tell you a biopsy came back positive it tends to take you back a bit. But you all know me....I looked the doctor in the eye and said "Damn doc, you sure are a buzz kill!" He didn't know what to say! I told him "to get used to it because if you're working with me for the next few months this is what ya get!" I'm not making light of what is going on as my trust in God will get me through, my attitude will stay positive, and my Spirit will remain bright.

I will be honest with ya when I found out I didn't want it plastered on social media. I wanted to tell Family and Friends in my inner circle and that was it.  And then came a reality pride. I'm used to helping others when I can not the other way around. How selfish of me not to tell my story?  If folks want to help in anyway then let them! This fight isn't all about me it's about us because you don't go through this alone. Like I used to tell the kids I coached in baseball "it's a team person doesn't make a team. It's a us and we thing, not a me and I thing." So, I will take heed to my own words and let those who want to help do just that. Well, that's it in a nutshell! This website was recommended and set up by some of the most caring, loving, and compassionate people I know. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you so very much and know I love you.  

Lastly, my Wife Karen will be sending updates through this site as it was set up to centralize all comments, updates, well wishes, etc. and to keep my phone from blowing up! I will get on from time to time when I feel up to it. Feel free to use it as you need to. God Bless y'all and know I am in great hands and will fight the good fight. With OUR prayers and determination WE WILL PREVAIL!