Bruce Carlson

First post: Aug 14, 2022 Latest post: Nov 21, 2022
Bruce and our sons have been planning a trip to the Boundary Waters MN with our cousin Rick for months, and they took that trip earlier this month. By all accounts  it was the trip of a lifetime, and everyone was happy to have taken the time to check this off their "boy bucket list". While driving home, Bruce had a bout of dizziness in Wisconsin. A trip to the ER determined that it was likely vertigo. However, when following up with his PCP here at home further testing was ordered, so he was admitted to the hospital. While in the ER here, a scan confirmed that hed had a massive stroke. Later that evening swelling on the brain began to create inner cranial pressure that was life threatening, so he was taken to surgery. 
There is no evident cause for this stroke, but there's a team of Cleveland Clinic neurologists who are trying to tease that out so we can prevent more strokes down the line. We are taking his progress one hour at a time, and we will share updates as often as we can.
At this time, everyone is asking what they can do to help,  but there honestly is nothing to do but pray. So please pray. I plan to post specific prayer requests or daily goals so you may know what we need.  Thank you all for the love and care you are showing our family!