Brodie Barber

First post: Nov 9, 2018
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Brodie was induced at 40 weeks.  Post delivery we were told Brodie was a healthy baby. They took us up to the recovery floor at midnight. The next morning at around noon his pediatrician came in and listened to his heart and immediately told us she heard a murmur. She told us it was probably nothing, but needed to put an order in for an echocardiogram. We didn’t worry or think anything was going to come of it because our first child was born healthy four years earlier.  About an hour later,  a nurse came into the room and told me I needed to pick up the phone bc Childrens Hospital was calling. I remember I picked up the phone and all I could hear was this person voice and all the other sounds drowned out. Even though, I could only hear her I couldn’t process what she was telling me. It was something I could have never imagined happening to our newborn baby. The person on the phone told me that Brodie’s aortic valve was 80% blocked and needed emergency surgery or he was going to die.  That day they immediately performed an aortic valvuplasy also know as a balloon aortic valvotomy, which bought us about a month. Then in April they performed it again, which gave us two months until his next intervention. On June 2, 2017 he had open heart surgery. Dr. James Hammel performed the Ross procedure, which is where they took his pulmonary valve and put it in place of his damaged aortic valve. Then they inserted a donor conduit for his pulmonary valve. When the surgery was completed all signs were showing that everything was a success. Unfortunately, the next morning at 10:00a.m. David and I were sitting with Brodie and all of a sudden he had a cardiac arrest. I will remember that image for the rest of my life and fear it all at the same time. I began screaming Brodie!!!! Brodie!!! I crouched in a corner and began praying and begging God please don’t take him. They worked on him for 20 minutes and it seemed like hope was slipping away. Then out of nowhere, Brodie got a slight heartbeat. He fought his little way back after an amazing medical staff never lost oxygen to his brain while they performed impressive CPR during that time. I truly believe God was in that room. That was a miraculous moment. A moment I am forever grateful.💙 Brodie was immediately put on ECMO. He was on there for four days. On the third night his heart picked up out of nowhere. I truly believe all the prayers that were sent up on his behalf saved him. I can never thank everyone enough for giving me the chance to love my son. It is been a little over a year since the Ross. Brodie’s pulmonary conduit has become restricted and we will be heading to surgery at the end of September. Please keep us in your prayers and help donate to Heart Hero’s so Brodie will continue to have a fighting chance.