Brittany Lohrum

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*My Story*
Everything truly started right after my sinus surgery in December 2017. I had the surgery because the year before I had a bout with sinus infections and bronchitis that seemed to go on forever. After the surgery, it seemed I just couldn’t heal and was continuing to suffer from sinus infections. Then on February 7, 2018 Nick (hubby) and myself had went to Wal-mart and I started to experience a tremendous amount of pain, we ended up going to the Emergency room and they diagnosed me with a kidney stone. 2 weeks later I became extremely sick and couldn’t keep anything down, they started to think I had gallbladder problems. However, an x-ray that day determined I still hadn’t passed my kidney stone.  2 weeks later,  I went in for lithotripsy to have the stone blasted, but it couldn’t be seen, they thought I passed it until that Friday when I woke in extreme pain and knew it was still there. Days later I was in for surgery and finally had it removed. It is now March. During March, I was still having side pains and vomiting and knew something wasn’t right, but I had now developed a terrible cough as well. Numerous tests, ultrasounds, labs, and I was still having pain I still didn’t have an answer to the pain in my side. During April, I went to the doctor for my cough that had only gotten worse and my lungs sounded great, so they thought it was again sinuses or post-nasal drip. My right side was still bothering me so I made an appointment with a surgeon at Community Physician Network in Greenwood to find out if it was my gallbladder causing all my issues. I finally was able to get to see him in the middle of May. However, I needed to wait on a few more test results before they could schedule my surgery. My previous 2 surgeries I was told I had extremely high blood pressure while under anesthesia. This surgeon wanted to make sure I didn’t have a pheochromocytoma, before puttin me under again. The next week, I went through a bout of coughing and vomiting and created a new pain in my left side that was so bad I thought I had a broken rib. While waiting on the results, it became Memorial Day Weekend. Sunday night, Nick and I was returning home and every bump we hit put me in tears. I was in so much pain and was not sure whether it was my gallbladder acting up or something else. Thank goodness my surgeon in Greenwood was on call. I had a fever of 100.4 so when we called his emergency line he wanted me in the ER up there. If it was my gallbladder he would take it out that night and if it was medical they would be in consult with him about the best options. I got to the emergency room around midnight and was taken straight back and they had their plan of attack. I was in an EKG within seconds and they wanted a CT scan with contrast to check to see if I had a blood clot in my lung, I am severely allergic to contrast dye so they had to premeditate me before I could have it done. Around 4am we had the news, they saw a few inflamed lymph nodes in my chest and I needed to see an oncologist immediately. They had already spoke with Dr. Bedano, my current oncologist that night and he said he would get me in that week. I met with Dr. Bedano on Wednesday, he let us know he did not see individual lymph nodes but a mass/tumor in my chest. They developed the plan I would have a PET scan done on Tuesday and meet with a thoracic surgeon Wednesday and see him on Friday. That next Tuesday I had the Pet Scan and saw the thoracic surgeon, who would not sugar coat things for me, she told us the news, I had cancer. They weren’t sure what kind but the way it was in my chest and in my bones I needed a biopsy done immediately. Friday, rather than seeing my oncologist, I was ready for my chest biopsy. I passed out in the shower the next day, so we had to make another trip to Greenwood where they double checked to make sure I didn’t hit my head, and the cancer hadn’t spread to my skull. I was severely dehydrated so I also received some fluids. Wednesday of that coming week, I met with Dr. Bedano, he gave us the news we had been waiting for, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Stage 4 because it was also in the bones of my lower spine and pelvis. He stated it was curable and we were going to do everything we could to get me there. First would be an EKG to make sure my heart could handle the aggressive Chemo that would be on the following Monday. Tuesday would be my bone marrow biopsy and Thursday June 21st,  I would have my gallbladder taken out and my chemo port put in. He had already coordinated with the surgeon. Within 3 weeks, my life had been taken on a rollercoaster ride. From thinking it was just my gallbladder to finding out I had cancer. July 3rd I had my first chemotherapy of 12. I will have one every other week for 6 months. To all my prayer warriors, I appreciate every single one of your prayers and the amount of love and support you have shown me through this difficult time.