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Hebrews 11:1 ~~~  Now FAITH is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Our FAITH is that Brianna IS HEALED and that one day WE WILL SEE her walk in the fullness of excellent health and living!

Ken and I continue to stand in the gap, praying and searching for the answers for our daughter's health and road to wellness.....
It has been a long 3 years this May, with little improvement in her treatment for Lyme Disease.  Recently, I said to myself, " Enough is enough!  I am tired of only symptoms  being treated and Bri is not getting any better.... there is a piece missing to this puzzle!"  So the internet search and research began and we were led to Crozier Clinic in Lake Mary, Florida.

The "Ah-Ha Moment"  occurred during my search for somewhere to take her for further diagnostics & treatment.  Over and over on different websites across this country for chronic illness, I kept seeing "mold toxicity" and how many Lyme patients also suffer from this. Never until this time did I ever recall or even consider that Brianna was exposed to a living environment in her early childhood years that would wreak havoc on her health and life!

In March of 2007,  we (Jay, Bri & I) moved into a charming century old farmhouse with a wrap-around-porch that we rented when Brianna was 5 years old.  While living there, it wasn't long before we realized that EVERY TIME it rained, the roof over the added-on bathroom would leak in one area and the ceiling tile became wet & corroded, causing a huge circle of black mold to grow and appear.  It was ugly and it was very obvious.  The landlord would be called and informed of the leak and when he was able to come to take care of the problem, he would.  In the meantime, the leaky water would be caught in a bucket until the rain stopped.  When Joe would come to "fix the leak" he would ALWAYS (time and time again) PATCH THE ROOF and PAINT OVER THE MOLD!!! This vicious cycle of putting a Band-Aid over a huge blaring gaping hole, so to speak, went on for the duration of our residency of  2 1/2 years.  Even though this was a potential serious health issue that was not handled properly from the get-go, I had no idea how it affected our daughter!  Little did I know that the frequent bloody noses that she started having while living in this house was a sign of mold exposure.  She would continue to have them over the years, even after we moved out of the house in 2009 after marrying Ken and moving into our new home.

Chronic illness set in slowly due to the weak immune system of Bri's body trying to fight off various infections of the Lyme Disease (and mold toxicity which we were unaware of) that she was diagnosed with in May of 2015. For almost 3 years now she has been treated with antibiotics, natural supplementation, homeopathic remedies, IV UBI's with OZONE, RIFE, NAET, Neurofeedback, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs, Chiropractic & Massage.  It has been a roller coaster ride of feeling good on some days and feeling poorly on most days.  Living life on a "normal" basis for her was stripped away to the point of being bedridden for several weeks at a time and at the start of this year,  in lieu of all the aforementioned treatments and modalities,  Bri continued to suffer with symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle weakness & pain, joint pain, brain fog, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, bacterial acne, and a poor to almost non-functioning colon.  It wasn't until this February when new symptoms of her colon barely functioning and having to take her for weekly colonics that Ken and I realized that she was getting worse.

Dr. Gordon Crozier, DO; is an Integrative Physician specializing in the treatment of Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity.  At a cellular level, Dr. Crozier has taken a pioneering journey to go beyond the common therapeutic protocols for these and other chronic illnesses in treating his patients who come to him  from all across this country and abroad for his unique approach to these debilitating illnesses.

We arrived at Crozier Clinic on March 20, 2018 for our 2 hour consultation with Dr.  Crozier.  Before leaving Indiana,  extensive diagnostic tests were ordered (most that we had never heard of) so that the results would be complete and back to the doctor before our arrival.  At our first meeting, with all of the test results, and her symptoms and history before him, he told us that he was expecting to see Brianna in a wheelchair.   He said that "what was done back at home with her treatments saved her from that".  I was shocked when he said those words!  He said that Bri (still) has Lyme Disease, Mycotoxins (from mold toxicity), and Mitochondrial Disease.  She also has a gene called HLA-DRBQ which does not allow a person's body to make the antibodies needed to deactivate and remove mold toxins causing these "poisons" to stay harbored in the body.  Most people don't have this gene and can fight off mold intrusion with a healthy immune system.  Her body systems that are being affected by the toxic intruders of both Lyme & Mold are her colon, heart, and lungs (just starting).  Regarding  Mitochondrial Disease, the mitochondrion is where  the energy production of the cells is produced. Dr. Crozier told us that Bri's is not producing enough energy for her body to function normally which is why she is extremely fatigued most of the time.   Dr. Crozier was able to explain why the mold toxicity in her body is keeping her from getting well and that he could get her better by pulling off the mold & Lyme co-infectors to restore her back to good health. Before we left the room after our consultation, Dr. Crozier prayed over Bri asking God to heal her!  WOW! A PRAYING DOCTOR... WE GOT ANSWERS THAT WE NEEDED AND WE WERE FILLED WITH HOPE!!!!


**NOTE** Bri is entering into her 7th Week of Treatment.  I will update everyone from Week 1 until where she is at currently.  It has taken a lot of time and energy for me to get this all down.  With all of her appointments, taking care of her on rough days of extreme fatigue and not feeling well enough to get out of bed, food shopping & cooking meals or going out to eat,  this Mama Bear has lost track of days/weeks at a time!  Nonetheless,  we invite you to join with us at " Bri's Healing Journey" in believing that God is healing her through the knowledge and treatments of Dr. Gordon Crozier.

WEEK #1 (3/18 - 3/24)
3/18 ~  Arrival to Lake Mary, Florida - Residence Inn of Marriot 
3/20 ~ Consultation/Diagnosis/Treatment Plan with Dr. Crozier
3/23 ~ PICC Line Insertion Procedure -  Florida Hospital for Children, Orlando

WEEK #2 (3/25 - 3/31)
3/25 ~ Attend Real Life Church, Orlando
3/26 ~ IV Therapy Begins
            ~ Moved into The Ronald McDonald House - Orlando
3/27 ~ IV Therapy
3/29 ~ IV Therapy
3/30 ~ PICC Dressing Change

WEEK #3 (4/01 - 4/07) 
4/01 ~ EASTER SUNDAY - Real Life Church - Orlando
4/03 ~ Access & Change PICC Line Dressing 
4/06 ~ Bri's "17th" Birthday! - SURPRIZE VISIT FROM KEN!!!!!
4/07 ~ Nature Walk with My Honey/Lunch Date

WEEK #4 (4/08-4/14)
4/08 ~ Take Ken to Airport
4/11 ~ PICC Dressing Change
4/12 ~ IV THERAPY 
4/13 ~ Search for new location to live
4/14 ~ Move out of RMH and into Residence Inn of Marriot, Lake Mary

WEEK #5 (4/15 -4/21)





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