Brigitte Strojek

First post: Apr 5, 2020 Latest post: Jun 27, 2020
On Friday, April 3rd, Brigitte was admitted to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in ICU.  A CT scan and MRI revealed a brain tumor on the left parietal lobe of her brain that is affecting her breathing, vision, speaking and overall cognitive abilities. Brigitte had an unexplained constant headache for about 3 weeks (that she thought was related to sinus issues) and then she began to have difficulty recalling words and spelling.  After a (virtual) visit to her general practitioner she was scheduled for a CT scan on Friday.  It was at this visit that Brigitte had an episode with symptoms similar to a stroke.    

 She is currently on a ventilator and sedated.   Surgery to remove the mass is scheduled for Monday April, 6th.  With COVID-19, David is not allowed inside the hospital and has not seen Brigitte since Friday. As you can imagine, the separation is incomprehensibly difficult for David and the entire family.  Brigitte and David have been married for 41 years and have two grown daughters, eight grandchildren, and one sweet yellow lab named Roxy.  Brigitte is a special education teacher assistant at Tallwood High school (go Lions!) where David also works as a Special Education Teacher.  Brigitte is an amazing teacher, friend, animal lover, and an incredible prayer warrior.  As you can imagine separation between these two is incredibly difficult.  They are each others best friends and greatest champions.  

Our biggest need at this time is for PRAYER for HEALING for Brigitte.  We believe that GOD is bigger than a tumor and that Brigitte can be healed.  Shake heavens gates asking for a miracle in JESUS name!!!

If you would like to do something more tangible you can sign up for a meal via this meal train link
We are accepting homemade meals and treats.  But if you feel more comfortable, you can have meals sent from local restaurants through delivery services such as Grub Hub or Door Dash or you can send gift cards.  

Thank you to everyone for the prayers, the faith, and the tangible care.  We will continue to update caring bridge as things unfold.