Bridget Schumacher

First post: Nov 6, 2021 Latest post: Nov 18, 2021
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On October 20th, 2021, Bridget went in to have a bowel resection due to her diverticulitis.  On October 23rd, she had an emergency surgery for a leakage in the bowel and she also ended up getting a colostomy .   After the surgery Bridget became septic and sent to ICU.  On October 25th, she was placed on a ventilator, put in a medical induced coma, and then her kidneys stopped functioning.  After her kidneys stopped functioning she was placed on dialysis.  At this time we had hoped that all she needed to do was heal and wake up.  
On October 28th, she had the ventilator removed and she moved to the  medical floor, out of the ICU.  The doctors started decreasing her medication to take her out of her medical coma.  On October 30th, Bridget had a cardiac arrest and moved back up to the ICU.  Bridget is back to being ventilated and on dialysis.  She has been in the ICU since October 30th.  
On November 3rd, during a visit with her sister, Lisa, Bridget began moving her arms and hands.  Bridget went had and EEG to check for brain activity and an MRI, both tests came back without any issues.  On November 4th, during a visit with her niece, Sara, Bridget appeared to respond to Sara's questions by squeezing Sara's hand. Sara asked Bridget yes or no questions and had Bridget answer by blinking, Bridget appeared to respond to Sara's questions. Bridget continues to be on the ventilator and they will be performing dialysis every other day. 
We will continue to update all of you when we hear more.  Please pray for Bridget's son Lucas and mother Peg Oachs. Bridget's sister Lisa is staying with her and Bridget's mother and Lucas to help with care as needed.  Lisa has visited Bridget and threatens to try on her clothes to help wake Bridget up, Bridget has responded with a furrowed brow so we know she can hear us.