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Welcome to Bridget's Brigade! A team assembled from friends and family to help a loved one overcome her new nemesis: Cancer.  

On Monday August 27, 2018, Bridget had an appointment in Fargo, ND to have a biopsy of a polyp that had formed in the uterus. Test results came back positive for endometrial cancer. In a flurry of activity, Bridget, accompanied by her trusty husband Kevin, were off to Rochester, MN to have a consult with an expert in the field. 

On Monday, September 10th Bridget had a total hysterectomy (meaning all of the female parts: uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries were removed). Pathology results came back later, showing possible malignant activity in the sentinel nodes. Currently, she has been diagnosed with Stage 2, grade 3 endometrial cancer. 

In the upcoming weeks, she will have multiple treatments of both radiation and chemo. 

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Bridget has several doctors appointments today at the Mayo Clinic. Bridget will be mapped along with a mold being created for her radiation treatment. Monday October 15 will begin Bridget’s 5 consecutive weeks of radiation with weekends off for rest. Our family is very humbled with the love, care, prayers and support Bridget continues to be blessed with. Thank you to our family, church, friends, employers Fargo Moorhead media. Bridget’s cancer is stage 3 and the grade is 3. Bridget is faithful, pray full,strong and knowing she is facing cancer as so many friends we know have braved their fight and the many individuals who are sharing with us their journey battling cancer with loved ones. Thank you All and God Bless You.