Brian Thoms

The purpose of this Caring Bridge page is to have one place to share updates on Brian Thoms’ kidney transplant process.

Background: My husband, Brian Thoms was diagnosed in 2015 with a chronic kidney disease, called IgA nephropathy. Brian found out through a routine physical. His lab work was off and that resulted in further testing to identify the reason. Since then, he’s modified his diet and taken medications to try to slow down the progression of his kidney disease to maintain as much kidney function as he can, as there is currently no cure for his kidney disease. 

Recently, Brian’s kidney disease has reached stage 5 (end stage for kidneys). Brian has been added to the national kidney transplant list. The waitlist time on the list is 6-8 years. Family members and a few friends right now are being screened. If we can find a match for Brian, a transplant can be scheduled for when it’s convenient for the donor.

If anyone reading this would like to be screened, here is the link -
It will ask for Brian’s full name: Brian Thoms and Brian’s DOB: 2/21/1980. The screening process is strictly confidential. The living donor team will only contact us when someone has been approved to donate to Brian. 

About Brian: Brian’s in great health (other than kidneys), age 41, husband and father of 3 young children. Brian is a hard working business owner, he volunteers in our community as a soccer coach and basketball coach for our kids’ teams, and he is a good friend to all. We live in Kensington, Maryland (near DC) but a kidney donation can be made remotely at a hospital closer to you, if you’re located outside of the area.

The timeline ahead is unknown. We’re told the screening process will take at least a few months. We’re optimistic that we will find a kidney match for Brian. I will post again when I have an update to share. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate prayers and well wishes. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Thank you, 
Sarah Thoms