Brian Schwab

First post: Feb 22, 2022 Latest post: Sep 23, 2022
Hello All, 

If you don't know me, I am Jennifer, Brian's daughter. Here's a little background into what's going on - on Tuesday, January 25th, my dad was brought into the ER because he had arrived at work and seemed not like himself (thank you to his boss, Jack, for taking charge and bringing him to the hospital). After hours of testing it was determined he had a large mass in the frontal lobe of his brain. They performed surgery the next day and removed as much of the mass as possible without causing any damage. He remained in the hospital to recover for the next three days before he came home. While he was home he got back to a semi normal routine - sleeping, eating, watching television, letting the cats annoy him etc.. 

While his time at home, we got the full results back from his biopsy and it was determined the tumor in his brain is a glioblastoma. The plan was to let his brain recover from surgery for a bit, get him in physical therapy and start him on treatment as soon as the doctors deemed he was able. 

On Tuesday, February 15th, during a televisit with one of his doctors, my dad collapsed from what seemed to be from low blood pressure. He was taken back to the hospital that day. The doctors there noticed some things during his time in the ER and decided he needed to stay overnight to monitor him and was admitted.  At this time, he is still in hospital with my mom, Judy, by his side. Right now they are doing a functional MRI so they can go back in for surgery and remove more of the tumor before they start treatment. 

As a family, things have been a little overwhelming so we have found it hard to keep everyone updated on everything. Our family friend, June, suggested we start updating online so everyone is able to keep up. I will continue to update this page as things progress. Please feel free to leave messages of encouragement on this page, I will make sure everything is passed along to my dad. 

Thank you,

Jennifer and the Schwab Family