Brian Humphrey

Friends- The Humphrey family is in need of some serious prayer & assistance.

On New Years Day 2021, our dad, Brian Humphrey, experienced a severe stroke in the left side of his brain. The doctor has rated it a 7-8 out of 10 in severity, with 10 being the most severe he's seen. 

He underwent an emergency procedure at St. Francis to remove a blood clot in the left side of his brain and is now recovering. The neurosurgeon has told us that the procedure went well, but the part of his brain that was injured during the stroke “has died” (still getting details on this). 

On 1/6/20, he went into hypertension and had a seizure. We lost him for a bit (he went totally unresponsive) but he is back with us now, thank Jesus. 

Brian is on medicare, but once we get out of the hospital (prayers up), and we pay his yearly deductible, the social worker on our case has told his options are the following: 

1) 24 Home Healthcare (not covered by insurance) 
2) Assisted Living (not covered by insurance) 
3) Skilled Nursing (covered up to a certain number of days and then out of pocket cost - but currently not allowing any visitors, family or not, due to COVID)

In summary, The Humphrey Family is looking at a very long and hard road of recovery. With our mom having passed away nine years ago, we are raising money to cover our Dad's medical bills and long term care options. 

We have recently found out he has fallen behind on mortgage payments, credit card payments, and now in addition, we have his medical bills + long term care to pay for. 

Any help is appreciated! We will continue to trust in the Lord and his plan for our dad. 

Thank You,
Brett Humphrey (son)
Amanda Baird (daughter)