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Talia Jane Yoder Talia Yoder

First post: Jan 15, 2020 Latest post: May 3, 2021
Welcome to Talia's CaringBridge website.   Brendon and Naomi Yoder are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place.  They appreciate your prayers, support and words of hope and encouragement for their sweet baby Talia  Jane Yoder.  Thank you for visiting.

Talia [Ta-LEE-ya] Jane Yoder was born in Dallas, Texas early in the morning on January 15, 2020.  Her due date was February 3, 2020 so her arrival was unexpected. 

Naomi's water broke at about 1:30 a.m.   Naomi and Brendon's wonderful prayer warrior neighbor, who lives in Dallas but is headed with her family to Ambon, came to the house right away so Brendon could ride to the hospital with Naomi and the midwife.  The Yoders are grateful to have had help so Brendon could go with them.

Talia's umbilical cord came out first.   During the wild ambulance ride, Naomi's midwife fought hard to keep Talia's head off her umbilical cord as much as possible.  Even so, there was pressure on Talia's umbilical cord which deprived  Talia of oxygen and slowed  her heart rate.  Naomi, in incredible pain from contractions and the midwife's efforts, bravely sang the song that has gotten the Yoder family through the flood in Papua, "Never Once," by Matt Redmon.   

Once at the hospital, Talia was born by an emergency C-section.  Initially, Talia was not breathing but was soon resuscitated.  

After Naomi came out of surgery, Brendon rushed back home to be with the other Yoder children, Luke, Silas and Analeigh.   Fortunately, another lovely local woman whom the Yoders had never met before offered to take care of Luke, Silas and Analeigh, so Brendon could go back to the hospital.  The children took to her right away so Brendon was able to head back.  Like their neighbor,  this woman was an angel to the family.  They feel so blessed!

Because she was deprived of oxygen, Talia is in currently in the NICU at Methodist Dallas Medical Center where she is undergoing neonatal theraputic hypothermia treatment, which involves lowering her total body temperature  to 33.5 degrees C (about 92F)  for 72 hours.   The goal of this treatment is to stop Talia's brain cells from dying as a result of oxygen loss and reduce damage to her brain.

Sadly, Naomi and Brendon have to wait until these 72 hours before they can hold dear Talia.  As you can imagine this is very hard on all of them.  

Patti, Naomi's mom, will be arriving tomorrow to care for Luke, Silas and Analeigh.  They are so relieved she can come as the children know her well and she is such a source of comfort, caring and advice in this challenging time.

Naomi is doing pretty well but has some fluid in her lungs.    She is still recovering from a fever and cold she had just prior to giving birth.

Through it all, Naomi and Brendon knew that God was with them and Talia and that he continues to be with them.   Here is a live version of Matt Redmon's song "Never Once" that have kept them going:

Please pray for Talia and Naomi and the entire Yoder family.  Updates will be posted regularly on this site.