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First post: May 23, 2022 Latest post: Sep 27, 2023
Braves Arrival Story

“Our family of 3 was anxiously awaiting as we prayed and tried for our second baby. In January 2022, that dreams came true my husband and I found out we were expecting our second baby! 
 From the very beginning my pregnancy was off to a rocky start. I had low HCG levels (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), meaning that my levels were not rising at the same speed as a normal pregnancy. At this point doctors warned me of the likelihood of a miscarriage. Never less, we were determined and would continue to pray; keep faith that everything would be okay and we would welcome a healthy baby in September 2022. 
On May 1st, my husband and I, along with our closest friends and family found out that they were expecting a baby boy! Our 4 year old expressed that he was hoping for a girl, but was still ecstatic to have a baby brother. 
The week of May 16th, l started to experience some light back pain; discomfort and cramping. On May 19th, 2022 my husband and I were putting out first son to bed, when I started to experience intense cramping, it progressed quickly; crying and curled in a ball on my bed I told myself to keep track of how close a part the cramping would occur. The pain intensified and became back to back cramping, I knew I was there in labor.
I told my husband we need to leave NOW! He rushed me to St. John's hospital, where we were told I was 10 cm dilated. The doctors informed us that the baby was breech; and they could not find a heartbeat. At this point, I realized I would be giving birth to a stillborn. However, one the doctors decided to check one last time....and they found the faintest heartbeat. 
In a matter of seconds, I was rushed back for an emergency C-Section. Petrified and sobbing I did not know what the outcome would be for Brave, I prayed and cried with the nurses around her. Brave was born May 19th, 2022 at 11:02PM, weighing 1 lb 09 oz. Due to being born four months early, Brave was then rushed to the Hospital. Brave was receiving minute by minute care. 
Brave has had two heart surgeries, recovered from a collapsed lung, eye injections, has a tracheostomy and a G-tube and also recovered from brain surgery to have a VP shunt placed. Overall Brave has undergone 21 total surgeries in less than a year on being born.
Brave is such a strong baby boy; is continuing to thrive and is a happy boy. We have such a long road ahead of us and we anticipate the day we bring him to be with his family!”

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