Brandon Blalock

First post: Mar 1, 2018 Latest post: Mar 11, 2018
Hello Family and Friends. I will do my best to keep this updated as I find things out. This all started Tuesday afternoon when he throught he was suffering from a bad headache.  As the night went on, it got progressively worse and we thought maybe it’s a migraine which he’s never had before.  Along with major head pain, he was sick, dizzy, and blacking out.

The next morning we decided to go to urgent care. We arrived shortly after 9:30.  They said since he doesn’t have a history of migraines and has been this sick, he needs to go to the E.R.

We arrived at Newnan Piedmont by 10:00. His vitals checked out fine but was still sick. They gave him something to stop the vomiting. After doing the CT Scan, they discovered some bleeding in/around the brain. They recommended going to Emory where they happen to have the most well staffed Neuro ICU in the country and the best overall in the south east. Brandon was taken to Emory via the ambulance and I was to meet him there.

Now it’s about 11:30? I don’t know anymore. He is in great hands at Emory. They need to relieve the pressure around his brain asap. This is just a little bit of what’s to come. He will be here for several weeks.

The only thing making this the least bit easy for us is having the amazing support unit that we do.  More updates to come.