Brad Barrett

First post: May 16, 2022 Latest post: Jun 2, 2023
On Wednesday evening, May 11, 2022, Brad Barrett and 3 of his colleagues were involved in a traumatic car accident during a storm chasing venture.  For more details about the accident please visit

We have created this site to keep family and friends up-to-date on Brad's health status as well as inform you of specific ways to pray for him.  To say this incident was life-altering would be an understatement BUT we have a BIG GOD who can do miracles and we greatly appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and support during this time.  

Brad is currently in the care of a wonderful team of doctors at Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD. His mother, Lois, and brothers Mike and Charles are by his side.  

Brad sustained the following initial injuries:
Numerous broken ribs
Displaced fracture of the left scapula (shoulder blade)
Punctured and Collapsed Lung
Breathing via intubation and ventilator
Major damage to his spine 
Blood on his spinal column
Brain Stem trauma
Stroke (location unknown)
Lack of sensation in his limbs or appendages
Lack of ability to speak
Can communicate with eye movement
Blood clots found in his legs

As of Sunday, May 15th, Brad is:
In stable condition
Lungs and ribs are healing
Being weaned off of intense sedation
Scheduled for Spine Surgery Monday, May 16th
Scheduled for surgery to add abdominal filters to catch blood clots
Being fed via intubation which will be moved to his stomach after Spinal Surgery
Breathing tube to be moved to trachea after Spinal Surgery
Is of sound mind and seems to have no brain damage
Can answer simple questions by using eye movement
Elevated body temperature 

We pray:
Speech, movement, and sensation will return to his body as swelling reduces
His wallet will be found
Orchestration of insurance and care
Miraculous healing of ALL of his bodily functions 
Mental strength as he is able to hear and possibly understand the trauma he is enduring
Peace, joy, strength, and composure for his immediate family
God's provision and strength for family and friends as they process the loss of Martha Llanos Rodriguez 

We are thankful:
Brad is alive
He has no other broken limbs and very minor scrapes
Passengers Diego Campos and Aldo Viscarra-Avilez are okay and we pray for safe travel to return to Chile and for their bodies, hearts, and minds to heal completely from the accident

All further details will be shared via journal entries.  We covet your prayers for Brad's healing and trust that God is in control. Please join us in faithfully lifting him up and supporting his family, friends, peers, and colleagues in any way you see fit or feel led. 

Dear Heavenly Father, creator and sustainer of life, we come to you today, and every day thankful for the breath in our lungs. We put Brad in your hands and ask for your mercies and complete healing over his body.  We seek you and pray your glory to shine, your will to be done, and your peace to prevail during this unforeseen situation.