Bonnie Stofferahn

First post: Jan 6, 2019 Latest post: Jan 23, 2019
 mom was found laying crooked on her bed, refusing to open her eyes and talking gibberish. She was taken by ambulance to Mercy hospital. Upon her arrival her blood pressure had dropped to 53/35, her O2 sats were low and she was too weak to stand. After several tests they found she had a dissected aorta. At 87 she was not a candidate for surgery. It was not good news.  The cardiologists and surgeons did not expect her to make it through the night, the ED doc gave her 48 hours tops. They transferred her to icu for the next couple days where they closely monitored her vitals and used medications accordingly, and we prayed. She surprised us all and started to get stronger. They transferred her to the cardiac floor and she continued to make tiny steps forward. From there she has moved to Benedictine of Innsbruck in New Brighton. She is on Hospice there. Her prognosis remains grim with anything from one minute to several years. I consider her a miracle. It is a day to day struggle. One day she looks awful and the next will be better.  She doesn't eat more than a bite or two and is very tired. Her phone is in a drawer, she said she's too tired to talk but likes visitors. She is in God's hands now. He decides what will be.