Bob Malone

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December 27, 2017

Bob was driving home from work when he lost control of his car on 12/17/2017 His car was totaled. Luckily he was taken to Allegheny General  Hospital. The paramedic had noticed Bobs left side was not working correctly. (Arm and leg) 
That is where they did an MRI and found he had a mass on his brain. Only to discover when they read the MRI more closely there were actually three tumors. These tumors are what caused him to lose control of his car by causing stroke like symptoms. 
There was a fourth on his lung. 
On January 31, 2017 they performed a biopsy of his left lung. 
Only to find it inconclusive. 
He developed a lung infection. 
He had to have surgery on his right leg for a broken leg. 
The neurosurgeon decided to do a biopsy of the tumors in his brain. That was the only way
to determine what we were dealing with. 
The biopsy was successful. Although while waiting for the results Bobs  oldest brother (Mike) passed away from cancer. A huge loss that took an emotional toll. 
The doctors were able to determine what kind of cancer we were dealing with. 
Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma Metastasis to brain. 
A team of doctors met and decided on a plan of action. That would include all over brain radiation, targeted radiation and immunotherapy. 
Bob was released from the hospital on Saturday to attend his brothers funeral. 
Mikes funeral was on January 13, 2018.
Bob was admitted to West Penn in Bloomfield later that day for three weeks. 
He was there for physical therapy along with all over brain radiation. 
Bobs left side was functioning at about 60%. 
He was also not allowed to bear weight on his right leg due to the broken leg. 
He worked very hard to regain his strength. He worked up to about 90%strength in his left side. He was released on February 3, 2018. 
That was followed up with a lot of physical therapy to get stronger. 
After 6 weeks he was able to put weight on his right leg. 
He walks independently and with the help of a walker for long distances. 
Bob had a small setback on February 19, 2018. He developed an infection and was back at AGH of 2 days.
There they did an MRI to see what affect the radiation had on the tumors. 
Sadly, there wasn't any change and there is still swelling on the brain. 
Immunotherapy had to be put on hold. Along with targeted radiation. 

We appreciate all of the prayers and need them to continue❤️