Bob Koepel

First post: Feb 6, 2020 Latest post: Apr 30, 2020
Onward ever, backward never. This was the motto of my dad's high school class back at Lake Linden Hubbell High in 1957. He came to remember it recently while he was preparing his most recent edition of the alumni newsletter he writes and distributes. This motto, meant to inspire a class of young people heading out into the world, has found new significance for Bob Koepel as he begins his 81st year. At the start of the year, Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. After months of stomach pain and inconclusive findings, he finally got a definitive answer from the skilled doctors at Loyola University Medical Center.  The big "C," as he prefers to call it, was an unwelcome surprise.  And frankly, Dad has too much to do - he's got newsletters to write, meetings to attend, friends to visit and grandchildren to spend time with - to let this sidetrack him. So he's not wasting any time. He started chemo today and will continue for the next three months. He's committed to giving it his all to fight the big "C." And we are right there with him. 

We thought this site would be a good way to keep all Dad's friends and family up to date on how he is doing. He's still up for lunch dates and phone chats and as long as he is feeling well - you'll no doubt see him at church and at meetings and probably even on Facebook! All we ask is that you keep him in your prayers and send all the positive vibes you can muster his way!

With thanks and love, 

The Koepel, Glynn and Moran families