Bob Germany

First post: Nov 2, 2022 Latest post: Jun 2, 2023
Dear Family and Friends, 
Mary Beth and I have set up this Caring Bridge site to help keep you up to date on Bob and his current health issues. We so appreciate the many texts, calls, emails, etc., but I am never sure if I have answered everyone, and things change daily, so I will post updates here, and you can check at your convenience. 

To give some back ground on Bob’s health, he has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It is an aggressive one and has spread to the bones but not to the organs which is good news. In the process of getting a biopsy and a diagnosis, he developed other issues with breathing/oxygen levels and low blood pressure. His first hospital stay was Oct. 14 - 18. During that time they ran all sorts of tests and determined that he needed two heart stents to open up some arteries and help with his shortness of breath. He came back to the hospital on Oct. 25 for the stent placement which went well but did not solve all of the breathing issues, and he is still in the hospital as of today, Nov. 2. 

I will add he has a whole team of doctors and nurses who are caring for him. He really likes them all, and they communicate and work well together. They include his General Practitioner, Cardiologist, Urologist, Oncologist, and Pulmonologist. 

We greatly appreciate your prayers and well wishes. You are truly our support group.