Bob Edgerton

First post: Oct 14, 2020 Latest post: Nov 28, 2020
Greetings friends, family and members of Bob's many communities. Bob is gradually transitioning through an end of life process. The prognosis is unknown so we are supporting him, day by day, following his medical and personal needs as they change and evolve.  About 4 years ago, Bob and Elizabeth (his wife) moved to Horizon House,  an Independent Retirement Community in downtown Seattle, Washington. They both really appreciate the community and the services provided by this living arrangement and it is making it possible for Bob to stay home, which is his preference, where he is being attentively and lovingly cared for by Elizabeth. Despite the present-day restrictions due to the pandemic, Bob is able to have wonderful helpers (CNAs) every day, allowing Elizabeth to focus on medical and personal needs for Bob. Eric and Nina (their oldest and middle child) live nearby and though they cannot visit them inside their apartment (COVID protocols), they are providing essential support for both Bob and Elizabeth. Bob is now receiving Hospice care as well, another essential service allowing Bob to stay home and receive medical support for his comfort and well-being. Bob is at ease and not experiencing any pain or discomfort. He is feeling Elizabeth's love and is calm and serene. His energy is such that he is able to follow, to some degree, what is happening around him, but he is not talking very much nor is he engaging in conversation. Elizabeth will be able to read your messages to him when she feels he is up to it. Please use this platform to share your well-wishes, memories, photos, stories or whatever other ways you might like to communicate with Bob and family. Thank you so much for your energy and support.

Sylvia (Bob and Elizabeth's youngest, in Montreal)