At least he still has his sense of humor

Bob Dacey

First post: Apr 29, 2011 Latest post: Jan 9, 2023
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Our story began 2 months ago with Bob having back pain. 2 weeks ago he received a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma Stage 3. Thus began a whirlwind of tests and doctor visits. Multiple Myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow. Plasma cells take over and squeeze out the other cells- such as the white blood cells and the red blood cells. It also causes tumors inside and outside the bones. Bob has involvement in most of his bones, causing him a significant amount of pain. Right now the plan is chemotherapy for 12 weeks followed by a bone marrow transplant. We are hoping to get a long remission. The disease is not curable, but treatable.

Monday May 2

Bob finished his first cycle of chemotherapy today and now has a week off from chemo. That is good timing since he has his back surgery on Wednesday. We are having a hospital bed delivered tomorrow so he can stay on our first floor and be comfortable.

Our children, including Alicia and Don, have been absolutely wonderful! When we went into a bit of shock after the diagnosis, they went into action and started researching the disease and setting up appts. with specialists.I joke that Phil is going to get a PhD in myeloma- he has done alot of reading and listening to podcasts about myeloma. Kim used her contacts as a reporter to get quick appts at the Univ of MD and Johns Hopkins. Usually one or 2 of them go along to the appts. I am on intermittent FMLA and they fill in with Bob when I have to work. Michelle took Bob to chemo today and stayed with him afterward.She will be driving us to Baltimore and staying with us through the surgery experience. Sunday they came over and made dinner and plan to make that a weekly affair. Ted drove Bob to Univ of Md last week and is a help at home in so many ways.I feel for him since he just returned home from college last Wednesday into our topsy turvy life. But he jumped right in and got on board with his help and support while also starting a new job. Joe dropped by with Pizza and has helped with chores around here. He will be staying with Bob on Friday after surgery - when I again am trying to work. Don cleaned our garage which has made Bob feel better.

Alicia is set to give birth to our second granddaughter on May 17. She and Phil are wonderful parents to Kira , who will turn 2 on May 29.Kira is such a joy to be around, she really brightens our life!

Marianne, Bob's sister, has been such a support in many ways also. We both feel we can turn to her when we need to talk.

So we have many blessings in life and much love and support with this new challenge.