Debbie Paul

First post: Nov 20, 2018 Latest post: Feb 20, 2019
 In 1995 Deb was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in her right check, following which she received radiation.  After several rounds of treatment that year God performed a miracle and she was declared cancer free; the doctors even told her that it was like she never had cancer at all. Ken & Deb were told at the time that she was the first person with that type of cancer to survive it.  For the last 23 years she had remained cancer free.

That changed when on November 13, 2018 Debbie received a diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma on the right side her mouth. It is a different form of cancer than what she had before and the biopsy shows that it is in the muscle and the bone of her upper jaw.  This cancer is a direct result of the radiation treatments she received in 1995.

She met with an oncologist in Amarillo on November 14th and he referred her to specialists at MD Anderson, one of the country's leading cancer treatment facilities, in Houston, Texas to receive further treatment.  She and Ken will head to Houston for her first appointment on November 21st.  Once there they will begin meeting with her team of doctors who will conduct various tests and imaging scans to determine the location and severity of her cancer and then discuss treatment options.

Currently that is all the information we have, we will know more once Ken & Deb go to Houston. We (Deb's kids) will be updating this site as often as we can to keep everyone informed. 

Please feel free to leave a Well Wish on the tab above. Prayers and well wishes will help a ton during this time.  If you would prefer to send cards or gifts or anything to help lift Debbie's spirits please send an e-mail to and we will provide you with the information on where to send it. Thank you all for following along and for the prayers and encouragement as she faces this fight.