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What is Betquin Beethoven and what does it support?
In the past, fiat money or paper money that was affiliated with governments and banks had reliance on golds and GDP, which depended on the economy of a country, and they were reliant on them.
But now Bitcoin has no ownership of a country and a particular institution, and on this basis there will be no backing like traditional backing.
But what does Bitcoin value?
The market’s luck, that is, the supply and demand and the expansion of its applications at the community level, are pricing on Bitcoin. So that a person in the community is ready for a unit of bitcoin, whether the product or the amount of fiat money, and receive a bitcoin before it. Now that the emerging Cripto Carnet market has very little stability and fluctuations, over time, prices are expected to fluctuate less. On the other hand, the market for cryptocrine is on the rise and is expected to grow well over the next few years, and investors will come up with good profit outlook, which will provide the currency itself in the community.