Bill Warner

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This is Chelsey, Bill's daughter . As many of you know, on 03/28/2019 my dad was rushed to Greenville by an ambulance due to respiratory failure and had to be placed on a ventilator.  Once he was stable there, they transferred him to Johnson City Medical Center and put a permanent trach in so that he was able to breath. A few weeks later he was sent home with medical equipment and home health. He was permanently put off of work shortly after. As of today, 05/31/2019 he is back in the hospital again. He has been back to Johnson City Medical Center 4 different times since the first episode this year. He has now been transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. We still do not have many answers. This has been going on since August 2016. He was transferred to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in 2017 and sent home with absolutely no answers. Vanderbilt is our last hope and they're determined to find out what causes this. Dad just starts coughing, turns completely red from smothering, his throat closes, & he swells up since. His trache has saved his life 5 times now. No one can figure out what causes these episodes. Right now he is in alot of pain from his back & sides due to coughing. He also has some fluid in his lungs. His episodes are usually at least once a day at this point. My dad was the sole provider of their home. This has put my entire family in a HUGE financial strain. Anyone that knows them, knows if you ask if they need anything they're gonna say no... but this is far from true. My mom is doing alot of traveling going between Nashville and home. The cost of food, gas, hotel rooms, & essentials for living is a huge burden right now. I know we all have tough times, but my parents have always been the first ones to real out and help others. Let's please work together to help them during this tragic time. Expenses should be the last thing they need to be stressing over. Even if it's $5.... every penny counts at this point. My dad is a good man. He is truly my hero & I'm begging you all to pray for him, my mom, my precious children, and our entire family. Any donations raised will go directly to my mother as she is a co-author on this website. Thank you all for reading!