Bill Vaughn

March 12, 2020  ( entry by Danene Vaughn — Mar 12, 2020

Our family began the “cancer” journey in August 2019.  A gallbladder removal brought forward several other health issues.  A very long story, Billy was diagnosed with  Stage 4, Metastatic Neuroendocrine Pancreatic cancer.  He has been through two cycles of chemotherapy.   The tumor in his pancreas shrunk significantly through his chemotherapy, however, his medical team stopped therapy early because he was classified “failure to thrive”.  His tumor is wrapped around significant blood vessels, so please pray not only that it continues to shrink but that it shrinks the right direction!

Over Thanksgiving and Christmas we were blessed to have family in Spokane with us. My siblings (and family) and Mom were here for Thanksgiving.  All four of our children, spouse and grandsons were here for Christmas.  Billy’s Dad and Dodi were here in February.  We have had great support systems.

What’s next?  In approximately 4 weeks he will begin chemotherapy once more, trying to shrink what’s there!  Until then, we are working to get him healthy.  No two days are the same, but we are grateful for God's care for us through his people during this time.  

Prayer requests:
1.  Continue to improve general health
2.  Gain weight
3.  Ability to tolerate treatment
4.  Billy’s strength and encouragement

While there are days of stress there are also days of blessing, encouragement and always strength for the day.  Thank you for reaching out, asking and caring about our lives.  We have eaten better than in years :) and are so grateful for the homemade cuisine that arrives at our door on a regular basis.


- heart