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Welcome to Bill Lloyd's website. We created this site to keep family and friends updated about Bill's on-going battle with sarcoma cancer.

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To all who care enough to check-in, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayerful support, interest and enthusiastic encouragement! It means the world to us and our family. We treasure the wonderful friends and "rela-friends" (relatives who are also good friends and friends who are like relatives) we have. How very blessed and grateful we are for the Lord's outpouring of love each day. We continue to plead for the Lord's blessings and are very grateful for all the tender mercies we have been blessed with. There truly are silver linings.

How To Turn 6 Months Into Nearly 8 Years

Tiffany Lloyd Packard

What would you do if you were told you likely had six months to live?  Everybody views and handles life differently, but this is what my Dad did…

          When he noticed he was getting short of breath quite easily on his treadmill and his jogs, he wondered why.  When he was out of breath just from walking up the stairs to his office, he decided to go in for a physical.  When the Dr. found blood clots in his lungs, he knew things weren’t good.  When the CAT scan showed a tumor the size of a grapefruit near his groin, he prepared himself for surgery. 

People prepare in different ways, but my Dad chose to pray and receive blessings.  When the surgery was successful, he started a long series of chemotherapy and radiation, and continued to pray.  When he began losing his hair, he told people he was so frustrated that he wanted to “pull his hair out!” and he did!  When he didn’t like the random balding spots from teasing people about pulling his hair out, he let 6 of his grandsons shave his head.  (This, of course, only after they had shaved their own heads and shown up at the hospital on Christmas day with a bag of hair and a note that read, “We’re THAIR for you Pops!”)  When the Dr. declared him to be in a state of remission, family and friends shouted for joy and surrounded him with love.  He was a conqueror!  Through prayers, fasting and many blessings by many, many loved ones, as well as terrific doctors and nurses, my Dad was restored to good health.

When the cancer returned just after a year, he began a series of operations and treatments to remove and shrink the tumors.  He had his lungs, head, ear, face, stomach, and back operated on multiple times (12 surgeries).  He used the power of positive thinking.  He read and researched all he could.  He investigated into all different kinds of treatments.  While he exercised and meditated throughout his days, he developed a prayer ritual that consisted of all the things he was grateful for, and a mental rhythmic silent chant that ended with “Kill the Cancer, Kill the Cancer, Kill the Cancer.”

When the chemotherapy was no longer effective, he went to a complimentary/alternative treatment doctor in NYC.  He decided that instead of destroying his immune system with chemotherapy, he would build up his immune system with hundreds (238 pills/day) of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to try to overpower and shrink the tumors.  He drank fresh ground carrot juice 3 times a day, ate lots of meat, gave himself two coffee enemas daily, and did 3 day liquid cleansings that ended in eating a huge bowl full of blueberries and cream.  While many found this regiment quite strange and time consuming, no one could deny that Dad felt much better and stronger while continuing to fight the beast of cancer that grew within.  Doctors couldn’t explain the slowed growth and sometimes shrinkage of tumors.  His family knows the credit goes to the power and determination of his positive mind, and most assuredly to our loving Heavenly Father who heard the prayers of His faithful children and was willing to give an extension to a life well lived.