Bill Menzel

First post: Feb 3, 2021 Latest post: May 3, 2023
My brother Fritz set up this site after my cancer surgery in February, 2021 in order to keep family, friends, former parishioners, etc. up-to-date on my medical situation. Once out of the hospital, I took over managing the site on my own. I now use it as a way of up-dating those interested in my various medical procedures, which seem to become more numerous as I age--surprise, surprise! (I was born in May, 1941.) It also helps to forestall the propagation of rumors, which often seem to surround the lives of us priests. Over the years I've had people tell me that they heard I had Parkinson's, which I don't. (I do have an essential tremor of the head, which you can google if you'd like more information. It's nothing dangerous.) Some say they heard that I was in the hospital recently (well, sometimes that has been true...depending on what "recently" means) or a variety of other scenarios (mostly unfounded). I'm grateful to Caring Bridge for providing me with a place to set the record straight...with facts.

Thanks for visiting my site. It really does save me from having to repeat the same message over and over again. For those of you who don't know the whole story going back to February of 2021, it's all here. Just click on "Journal" above.

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