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On Sunday, May 24, there was an accident at my parents' house. My mom sustained 3 fractured ribs (on her right side), mulitple leg fractures (on her left side), a "degloving" incident where the Achilles tendon was detached from her left foot, an arm laceration (right arm), and another degloving incident around her abdomen. This wound goes from the ribs down to where her leg begins and around to her back. Because it's so significant, the docs said she might need an abdominal wound pack (a sponge, essentially) inside her for 6-8+ weeks (changing it in regular intervals as yet to be determined). While my dad wasn't hurt physically, he is suffering emotionally from these injuries of my mom's.

On the initial Sunday, she had surgery on her abdominal area and foot to clean out those wounds. On Wed, she had a procedure to replace the abdominal wound pack. She'll have this procedure done on M/W/F while she's in the hospital. Things change so often, but the last estimate was that she'd be in here about two weeks. Her leg surgery was initially scheduled for this week, but it's been moved to Mon June 1 due to swelling and scheduling conflicts.

She's staying at Medical City in Arlington. Due to COVID, only 1 person is allowed to stay within a 24-hour period. That doesn't mean multiple people can swap off, it means only 1 person is allowed in within a 24-hour period -- which means my parents made the tough decision to allow me to be that person instead of my dad. So i took the first 24-hr period, Lauren (my neice) took the next 24-hr shift, and my brother Brent took the third shift. After that, we decided that to ensure continuity of care, it's best to have 1 person doing this. So i'm back at the hospital and will stay here until she's released. Brett is staying with my dad while Mom is here. 

I know the first thing people want to do is send flowers, but there is no space in her room (no tables, counters, ect.) for them. Instead, you can send a card to her house (917 Curtis Drive, Arligton, TX 76012). She said she'd love to get cards! Then when she's home, if anyone still wants to send flowers, I'll post on this site the best address for that (since she'll be staying with me at my house after her release due to the extensive after-care she will require).

I'll post here throughout the day.