Bill Chamblee

First post: Dec 2, 2020 Latest post: Oct 13, 2021
Many know or may not know summer 2019 dad was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  He was showing signs of forgetfulness, losing track of time struggling to find words to say.  We sought multiple opinions on his condition and decided to get him on medication for this to help slow the process.  

Two weeks ago on Nov 17th mom was not feeling well.  They went the next day and got tested for COVID.  Both came back positive.  After 1 week quarantined they had mild symptoms.   Week 2 they experienced some nausea and nothing sounded good to eat.  Towards the end of the week mom started feeling better but dad was not eating much.  After several days of this he was getting weak and more disoriented so we decided to take him to the ER at Presby Denton Tuesday at 3:30pm.  I helped get him there and mom stayed.  They checked blood, did ekg, chest X-ray and gave him some IV.  

X-ray showed signs of COVID pneumonia.  They admitted him last night onto the COVID floor which meant mom couldn’t stay with him.  As of this morning they were trying to get his fever down from 102.7 so they could give him plasma antibodies.  His blood pressure was good, oxygen level dropped a little last night so gave him some oxygen.  His vitals were good. 

I’ll post updates on here as we get them.  Our family appreciates the prayers and support.  

Bill, Marcia, Jim, Sarah and Katherine