Bill and Tara Migneault

Our brother in Christ, Bill Migneault passed away from a brain cancer called CNS lymphoma.   Bill was diagnosed last May and throughout his journey... his courage, his faith, and the GREATER HOPE in what God has in store for him was truly AMAZING!    During his last weeks, he reminded his friends and family to share Jesus Christ with others....   Tara and Bill have three children (Jackson is three, Jordan is eight, and Jade is 15 years old).  Would you please consider supporting and helping Tara by providing a hot meal?  If you are unable to bring a meal, would you please consider having food delivered by a restaurant that is near where Tara and the children live?    It will be a blessing to Tara because she will have the peace of mind in knowing that dinner is ready for her to serve to the children or heat up for them.