Bev Reenders-Petersen Bev Reenders-Petersen

First post: Jul 7, 2021 Latest post: Oct 7, 2021
Bev was diagnosed with multiple myeloma In May, 2021. Many people have asked if she was not feeling well prior to this and how it was diagnosed. For the past 18 months (or longer) she had been complaining of shortness of breath, rib pain and chest pain. She had a stress test and later an echocardiogram that did not show anything out of the ordinary. She was exercising and losing weight but her breathing did not improve. She was taking short choppy breaths even when sitting down, in an attempt to get her breath. On Thursday, May 13, 2021 she had a bloodwork completed for her routine physical and the bloodwork showed her her kidneys were failing and cancer was suspected. On Monday she went back to the doctor and was sent to Saint Mary’s Hospital with acute kidney failure and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. There are several kinds of myeloma and Bev has a rare, more aggressive type called lambda light chain myeloma and it is not in an early stage. There has been a lot of advancement in the treatment of myeloma and we are all praying that one of these newer types of chemotherapy’s can help her.