Betty Cranmer

In May of 2021, Betty moved from her longtime home in Granby into an assisted living facility in Glenwood Springs near Susan and Jeanie called Renew ( While the transition was difficult, once in the facility she has been very happy. From her studio she can look out her window at the Colorado Rockies she has always loved. She is happy with the wonderful care she is getting and as you can well imagine, she has all of the staff falling in love with her. She went back to Granby in August to celebrate her centennial birthday with friends and family, which was a real milestone and a joyful event for all of us.

This month, well into her 101st year, her body has started declining, becoming frailer and weaker. This week she began receiving hospice care in her room with, a more comfortable adjustable hospital bed and a lovely recliner chair that Allen got her which she loves.We created this site so that we can keep you up to date on her status and so that you can send her messages that we will read to her. Here is a link to her 100th birthday celebration ( Additionally, there is a gallery with photos of Betty.