Betsy Collins

First post: Jun 14, 2018
My name is Ashlee and I’m a family friend of Missy. I have created this site to help Missy keep everyone updated on Betsy’s condition.  As many of you know, on May 8th I found Betsy unconscious in a diabetic coma.  When paramedics arrived her blood sugar was 23.  We believe she was unconscious for close to 9 hours.  Myself and the neighbors had been checking on her while Missy was staying at Dell Children’s with Kaitlyn and Jennifer and Daisy were in Disney at a cheer competition.  In the past 37 days Betsy has made some improvement but still is in a “vegetative” state.   She has been transferred from South Austin Hospital to Texas NeuroRehab Center. There she has been receiving therapy and has started to make some very slow cognitive improvements, not just reflex movements. Some days are better than others. On her good days she will open her eyes to our voices, she will track you across the room with her eyes, but she has yet to really follow commands or communicate. Last week when I was visiting her, I was crying and the nurse said she looked to be crying too and wiped her tears.   She was very alert that day but it just comes and goes.   This week I’ve noticed her trying to make a fist and cover her mouth when she’s coughing. She continues to improve it’s just at an extremely slow pace, one the doctors would prefer to be much faster.  The doctors there  have stated that they believe her brain damage is worse than originally expected and remain hesitant to call certain movements purposeful vs. reflex but we remain hopeful.  So far the nursing care has been great and the staff is very welcoming and encourage visitation.  I ask you to continue to keep Betsy and her family in your prayers. We pray for her brain to heal and for her doctors to be guided in the right direction for treatment.