Beth Miller

First post: Dec 25, 2021 Latest post: Sep 5, 2023
On 12/21/21, Beth had surgery to remove several growths on her ovaries. During the surgery, the doctor discovered the growths were cancerous and Beth was diagnosed with high grade serous carcinoma ovarian cancer, stage 3. This is a very serious cancer but there are promising new therapies to fight it and Beth is a fighter. She will rest and recover from surgery over the holidays, then begin chemotherapy around the end of January 2022. In proper Beth fashion, she admonishes, “Don’t Google it!” As a nurse, she knows internet research often leads to wrong conclusions and doesn’t reflect individual situations. Armed with a highly experienced oncologist and the latest cancer-fighting drugs, Beth will do everything she can to continue entertaining us with her sharp wit and sarcastic humor for a long time to come. She would like to thank everyone who has called or messaged her for their concern. Although she may not be able to respond right away, she would like you to know she appreciates every one of you.