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Although infertility is devastating and can perish your dream to achieve parenthood. However, by consulting a qualified and reputed IVF clinic, you can overcome this issue for sure. Several couples have been benefited by IVF treatment method. Next is you.


Infertility might sound quite scary for those couples who are suffering from it and not able to find out the right solution so far. However, believe me, with the advent of IVF treatment available at the best IVF clinic in India, it has no more an incurable disease. In facts, many couples who are unable to conceive due to infertility issues, are now getting benefited through several advance IVF treatment procedures that are available at Mother's Lap IVF Centre near you. If you do not know about when and what type of IVF clinic you should consult, do not worry, we will provide all the information that will make your task much easier.


When should you decide it is the right time?


Many people could not decide when should they declare themselves as a victim of infertility. Yes, it is true to a large extent. Majority of people feel that it is just a matter of time when they will conceive naturally and in the process they keep waiting for year after years. This is where they spoil their condition and let it develop to a more complex level which eventually takes more time to cure and attain fertility through IVF or assisted reproduction technique. So, let us see what is the when is the ideal time to knock the door of IVF clinic.


Evaluate the relation of right timing to conceive


If you are not getting pregnant despite being involved in timely performed sexual intercourse with your partner for a year or more, you must take it as an alarming sign and immediately consult the IVF clinic to find the solution.


If the age of the women is 35 or above, they are not allowed to wait that much. The time to see an IVF specialist or such clinic will be cut by 50% and they should seek medical help only after six months of unsuccessful effort to conceive naturally. It is so because the chances of getting pregnant after 35 years of age drop down abruptly and possibilities of miscarriage goes up.  


What kind of IVF clinic is best for infertility treatment?


This is always a question to be asked. I would recommend consulting the best IVF clinic in India ( Identifying a truly potential clinic will be another task that requires a deep search about the clinic's ability to yield best results. The best approach to find the right infertility clinic that has the potential to provide the result more often than will comprise the following essential factors:


The quality of the clinic's faculty

Authentic credential and board certification

The experience of the IVF clinic

Facility of IVF and other advanced level treatment such as ICSI, Blastocysts, etc.

Positive previous record

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