Benny Jacquez III Benny Jacquez III

First post: May 2, 2018
As most people know, our son has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  It started with a rash that we noticed on April 25th. We called the doctor and brought him in for an appointment the next day. They sent us to get his blood work done and after the results came in, we were told to go to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, Washington for admittance. Upon admission, his white blood cell count was 644K and the normal is 5-15K. His platelet levels were also extremely low.  Since that time, his white blood cell count has dropped significantly and his platelet levels and red blood cell levels have started to increase. His chemotherapy treatments will start tommorrow.  With all of this, we have at least 3.5 years of treatment to go. To do what is best for our son, we feel that we need to move back to Colorado so that he can get treatment at Denver Children's Hospital, which is supposed to be the best in the country.  As such, we are asking for help in raising money to help with our unexpected move back to Colorado and unknown expenses that we could face.  Benny will be in the hospital for 1-4 weeks here in Spokane, then he will be on an out patient basis until around May 29th. Benny will have appointments in Spokane twice a week for the next month or so.  Of course, all this depends on his progress and how he does with the chemo. Anything helps and is much appreciated.  Please share our story.