Benjamin Hibner

First post: Jan 2, 2019 Latest post: Jan 22, 2022
Our little friend Benjamin has showed some symptoms of some kind of a problem for the last 3 years. He’s 6 now. We didn’t know what was wrong but he would have spells of weakness and we thought it seemed to help to make sure he had protein for breakfast. Then About the fifteenth he got sick, but was a little better by the seventeenth.  And then on the twenty third he was fine in the morning but 15 minutes after breakfast he said he was just gonna go lay on the couch and then that seemed to be all he wanted to do. So then that Monday Eric’s took him into the emergency room in Nashville at the Monroe Carell Children’s  Hospital at Vanderbilt.  That was on the twenty fourth. He was there for almost a week. What they found out at that point was that they thought he had some kind of muscle disorder but didn’t really say what. And their goal at that point was the get the number of muscle enzymes in his blood down because they were way too high.  When they saw the numbers started dropping they were happy about that but didn’t really name the problem. They didn’t tell Eric’s anything to watch for or any diet tips or anything.  Sunday they told Eric’s they weren’t gonna do any more labs or anything so if they wanted to stay another night they could but really there would’ve been no  point since they weren’t gonna do anything anyway. So Sunday afternoon we went home. With a very limp little boy whose long dark eyelashes showed starkly on his white white cheeks. The only way we could get him to eat was grinding up food and feeding it to him through a syringe. He didn’t even have the strength to chew. Monday night at Pops and Nana Hibner’s House he had a spell and Eric had to start CPR. They called 911 and had them on their way. They did have to shock him and they loaded him up into the heli and flew him directly back to the hospital he had just been at the day before. So now most of you all have seen my statuses and that’s whats been going on since.