Benjamin Armstead Sr

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Hello CaringBridge Family! I need your help! My family is getting the word out about my husband being in need of a kidney transplant. His situation is very unique because it isn't due to diabetes or hypertension.  His current condition was drug induced due to a doctor prescribing him a drug for approximately 15 yrs.

We later found out he was misdiagnosed and shouldn't have been on the drug in the first place. This has been a hard situation for my husband to deal with, but as a family, we are rallying around him.  Most people who know my husband know that he is a pretty chill guy, but he also has a strong will.  That's where me & my children get their work ethic from him! 

However, he's human and sometimes we get low and discouraged. So as a family, we are continuing the fight for him by getting the word out.  Kidney disease is a major issue in the African American community.  

Like Starbucks, there's a dialysis center on every corner. On top of that, African Americans are least likely to receive a living kidney donation compared to their white counterparts.  Studies have found that patient engagement including education, enhanced practice-level cultural sensitivity, timely referral and mistrust of clinicians and the healthcare system impact access to kidney transplantation for African Americans. On top of that, our community is also dealing with the epidemics of obesity, hypertension and diabetes which rule out many potential African Americans organ donors from giving to a friend or family member.  So I am asking you to do two things: (1) please share this post and flyer to help my husband find a living kidney donor and (2) please take care of yourself...mind, body and soul. Make the necessary changes to get healthy. 

If you are interested in being a donor, please visit:  ( )
Please send your prayers and positive thoughts. #MorethanConquerors #FightKidneyDisease #TeamArmstead

AT LONG LAST, our big news, Congressman Larry Kissell is introducing the Share Your Spare Act of 2011. It will provide a $10,000 FEDERAL tax credit for living organ donors. Now we NEED YOUR HELP, we need people across the country to call their Representatives in DC to tell this is important. We will post more info under discussions to make it easy for you to help us spread the word.