Friend J Beloved friend

This link is being sent out mostly to people who know the story, so to care for this person’s privacy and protection on a public site, I’m going to stay vague.

My friend has a great financial need. They have spent their whole life fending for themselves and many years now serving our country, only to end up abandoned by family, community, and no options through the military. Through many personal difficulties my friend fell to such a rock bottom where they lost the will to live, seeing no hope and no one around them willing and able to help. 

More than anything, I want my friend to see the love God has for them. That when everyone else fails us, He never does. He pursues. He is faithful, and He will go to the ends of the earth to love those whom He calls. I see an opportunity to tangibly show my friend God’s love and the hope found in Jesus, through helping with financial support. I pray you’d prayerfully consider contributing, but above all I pray you’d join me in praying that God works a miracle out in my friend’s heart — to know and see God’s love, that they may seek and find Him.